Broozer – Son Of Man

Cave Girl – Red Leather Boots

Coffee Breath – Home

Dan Whitehouse – The State Of The English

Ekkah – Homesick

Exotic Pets – Meteor Or Matador

FABRIK – Murmuration (Flamingo Flame remix)

Flares – Castle Of Cards/Tunnel Vision

Hotplate – Scratches

Ivory Wave – Gold

Jay Tennant – Halo

Jorja Smith – The One

Kiriki Club – Tenho-me Persuadido

Lady Sanity – Focus

Lilleburn – Tell Me I’m Pretty

Malarkey – Highest Of Grades

Miccoli – Ledge

Pagans of SOH – Banananah

Real Velour – My Kyoto Girl

Rosie Tee – Chambers

Sleepy Heads – Weight On You

Social State – As A Kid

Sugarthief – Good Luck, I Hope You Make It

Victor – Daughter

Wurlitzer – Smile


Arwen – Love Is Unkind

Shiraz Hempstock – Done The Dirty

Spilt Milk Society – Orange

The Little Easy Band – I’m So Tired

Young Pilgrims – Canal Tripping

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