Screen Brum - Movie Posters 28th April, 2018


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Frank Zappa said that writing about music is like “dancing about architecture” and we on the screenbrum show have taken the mantra to heart by talking about pictures.

To be specific, our show this week is all about MOVIE POSTERS. The great, the not so great and the utterly timeless.

With special guest in the studio Graham Woods of the Jaws19 TV show and we are also joined by Carl Timms of Dark Matter films with some very exciting casting news for his latest movie Off The Grid.

We spoil you lot.

Screen Brum - Dark Futures with Joel Blackledge 16th April, 2018

Screen Brum take a leap into the darkness, with our Dark Futures special. We discuss the movies that deal with dystopias, darkness and despair, but we do it with a twinkle in our eyes and the best music in our ears.

With special guest, filmmaker Joel Blackledge, we look into our dingy crystal ball and see what the future holds (according to the movies anyway).

Are these warnings? Prophecies? Or do they tell us more about our present day concerns? Join us to find out.

Agree with our choices? Have something to add? Let us know on @screenbrum or leave a comment below.

Don’t have nightmares!

Screen Brum - Water 16th March, 2018

ScreenBrum take a leap into the blue, and explore the stuff that the majority of our bodies are made of - water.

With music, clips and some surprising facts, we dig into the way that water has been portrayed on screen, and choose our picks for films and TV that feature:

Too Much Water Not Enough Water Swimming Pools The Cleanliness of Water The Sea

We also feature a special appearance from Carl Timms, of Dark Matter films, who tells us about his latest project through the medium of water puns.

With all the best music from the wettest films, we know you are going to find this quenches your thirst for watery-film-radio.

Screen Brum - Special Makeup Effects 9th February, 2018

Ever wondered how they make zombies look so terrifying? Did you know there is a job on movie sets for "contact lens technician"?

We explore the magical world of special makeup effects with FX wizards Laura and Ben from the Father Phantom studio here in Birmingham.

They reveal tricks of the trade, such as the need for a "panic word" and what actors are like when getting covered in latex.

With our picks for the greatest makeup on screen, we'd be made up* if you could join us.


Screen Brum - The year 2001 7th November, 2017

The Screen Brum show returns to the year 2001, exploring the TV and film that has stayed with us. We give our top 5s of the year, and disagree on whether or not it was a vintage year on screen.

With all the usual chat, and the best music from films of the year, join us on our trip back to the year of the UK election, England's 5-1 win over Germany, and the first Harry Potter movie... ** _ _

Screen Brum - The Brain 6th October, 2017

ScreenBrum explore the contents of our skulls, with a look at the BRAIN ON FILM. With special guest Dr. Alex Conner of Birmingham University we explore the little grey cells and how the movies show them.

Is your brain heavier that Einstein's? What is the brain blood barrier? What Adam Sandler film is the most scientifically accurate representation of Amnesia on screen? You will learn the answers to this and many other of the brain's secrets.

Plus! Find out what you need to do to maintain brain health (apart from listening to ScreenBrum, obviously). ** _ _

Screen Brum - Graham Humphreys Interview 27th September, 2017

Screen Brum interviewed Graham Humphreys, designer of many of the iconic VHS covers and posters of the horror genre.

Parts of this interview were played in our VHS special (also available as a podcast), but here it is in its entirety.

Interview conducted by Damien Hyde.

Screen Brum - VHS 11th September, 2017

Screen Brum explore the origins of watching films at home, with a celebration of all things VHS. We talk about the horror boom, the technology itself and the ritual experience of browsing in your local video store.

We are joined by Damien Hyde, VHS collector / geek / obsessive, and have an interview with Graham Humphries, legend of the video box cover art.

So, adjust your tracking, and get going. ** _ _

Screen Brum - Adaptations 29th August, 2017

ScreenBrum gets literary with special Guest Dr. Andrew Watts of Birmingham University's B-Film Centre for Film Studies.

Andrew has written extensively on the art of adapting books (and other media) for the screen, and talks through some of his favourite examples - including Jaws, First Blood, Goodfellas, Saturday Night Fever and more.

This is a fascinating insight into how books and films can augment each other, along with great music from these films and an AMAZING ANECDOTE ABOUT WHAT THE NOVEL "JAWS" WAS ALMOST CALLED... ** _ _