Brum Radio Poets

Join Rick Sanders every second Sunday at 11am for the best in local poetry. This edition Rick’s guests are Richard O’Brien and Jemima Hughes.

Richard’s publications include ‘The Emmores’ (The Emma Press, 2014) and ‘A Bloody Mess’ (Valley Press, 2015), and currently works as a Teaching Fellow in Shakespeare and Creativity at the University of Birmingham. He has also been a commissioning editor at the Emma Press, and is the Birmingham Poet Laureate 2018-2020.  He has a sequence called ‘Closed Doors’ upcoming in an American magazine, ‘Subtropics’. He’s working on a couple of sequences about a 60s experiment where someone tried to teach a dolphin to speak English, and a long poetic retelling of ‘Jurassic World’.

Jemima is a spoken word artist whose work emphasises mental health awareness and covers taboo subjects such as sexual violence, self-harm and suicide. She takes you on a journey through her own experiences with the aim encouraging conversation.
Always a gripping performance, Jemima will leave you questioning whether she meant to do that, or whether she needs to go and have a lie down.