Andy Robinson Pops the Question

Wednesdays from 5pm, hosted by Andy Robinson. Guaranteed to keep your mind turning, face smiling and toes tapping.

This week on Pop The Question Andy is joined by the fantastic and talented drummer Dean Beresford. Dean has played with Richard Hawley, Imelda May, Duane Eddy, Tony Christie and many others.

Unsurprisingly we hear from all these artists along, again, with the aforementioned many others.

There’s a little discussion about the dearly departed Hal Blaine, the very much still-with-us Ringo and there’s even a little mention of a new snack in town?

As always. it’s chockablock with ace pop music with the extra bonus this week of the input of (one of) the creators of it. He’s got rhythm, we’ve got music, who could ask for anything more?

if you fancy finding out more about Porky Rinders, the snacks Dean mentioned he’s involved with creating, log onto their website here.