Raised By Mellotrons

The radio show formerly known as ‘A Complete Waste of Everyone’s Time’. Hosts: DJs Tomatoelegs and Masonic Boom –  Weds 9pm-11pm UK Time. 

Featured: some African tracks from Ethiopia and Algeria, as well as the theme song from the Japanese film, Belladonna of Sadness.

“Honk! Parp! Squeee! Tunkletunkletunkle BANG etc. Pop Music but probably mostly old pop music. New music but probably not new pop music. Probably. We avoid the chin-stroke except when absolutely necessary, though we like a challenge. Beats from the crate and treats from the library. Riddims from the dancehall and the flotation tank. We love vinyl and all but are quite happy with secondhand CDs (they’re so cheap!) or those cheeky little mp3s.

Strange, unwieldy things that flop all over the place and knock over your tea. Music that has no idea why it exists. Other music that doesn’t care – it’s just happy to be alive. Sexy tunes from Somalia. If there was music from Antarctica we’d play it. Penguins. Saturn. Dinosaurs. Ghettoes from Warsaw to Compton to Mars. Flopsmash musics. Tiny Tim sticking his mouldy penis into your brain. Folk with salt and blood and spirit. Stupid stuff. Not stupid-stupid stuff. Is this helping?”