Screen Brum

Screen Brum is the show about anything with a screen – big, small or portable – and plays the best music from film, TV and computer games.

Hosted by Blake Woodham, Tim Wilson and fabulous guests from all walks of life, fortnightly; each show is themed (sometimes loosely!) around a subject to drive discussion, debate and (friendly) disagreement.

The creak of a leather saddle, the crunch of boot on sandy ground, the flinty eyes of the silent stranger taking in the glares of the suspicious townsfolk. There is nothing more quintessentially USA than the Western movie, right?

Maybe not, as this time we explore the world of taking the wild west out of the western, and look at World Cinema Westerns, with our special guest Luis Frejio of Birmingham University’s B-Film unit.

What makes a film a ‘Western’ anyway? Can you have a Western without the guns and hats? Luis talks us through his research into the idea of the Western as about frontiers, and the people that walk them.

We are also joined this week by filmmakers Carl Timms and Daniel Alexander to introduce the exciting ‘2Weeks2MakeIt’ competition for local filmmakers and musicians.

And, of course, we play some Ennio Morricone, it would be rude not to.