Glyn Phillips is passionate about the music of the world!  His two-hour weekly show, WorldBeatUK, brings you the latest releases and peeks at forthcoming albums from around the globe – the sounds of five continents, innumerable islands and a multitude of cultures – all presented with enthusiasm and a desire to share his knowledge and new discoveries!

WorldBeatUK takes you from the favelas of Brazil to the forests of Finland, from the heart of Africa to the very edges of Asia and from the shores of the Caribbean to the urban high-rises of Europe.

With record labels and artists from around the globe sending him new releases almost every day Glyn literally has the world at his fingertips and guarantees you’ll hear something every week that will whet your appetite and pique your curiosity!

On October’s WorldBeatUK, Brum Radio’s resident world music aficionado hosts another two hour show – this time with a slight emphasis towards world/jazz fusions and americana.

But there’s also English folk from the likes of Show of Hands and Bird In The Belly, a posthumous vinyl release of Ali Farka Toure’s final album, electronic Rwandan influenced dance music, experimental Colombian cumbia, Turkish and Congolese psychedelic rock, French reggae and the reissue of a classic and much sought after 1979 Congolese album!

Take a chance on something new!